JM Eventos Especiales

The Zone (Mega Tent)

The Zone, is an innovative structure for outdoor use, is designed for the production of all kinds of events and to fulfil their needs.


Main features:


We have different sizes to suit every need:

  • 18 meters wide and 50 meters deep in white canvas.
  • 12 meters wide by 30 meters deep in white canvas.
  • 12 meters wide by 35 meters deep on canvas transparent.
  • Also we can join two tents achieving a total area of 18 meters by 100 meters. Tents fit any event, shows, New Year celebrations, sports, weddings and business activities for day or night.

  • Dimensions: 990 sq. feet (18 meters wide and 55 meters deep, height 7 meters).
  • His wind protectors and the modern design prevent the entry of strong winds and dust within the structure.
  • It fits the space required by the client.
  • His height allows it to be fresh and ideal for make an aerial decoration.
  • Ample space to locate scaffolds, liquor bars, furniture and other production elements.
  • Excellent sound quality.
  • The internal support structure is very quiet.
  • The tissue lines are clean and located at a great height.
  • Firm, smooth and dynamic.
  • Is under 5 degrees less than the temperature that is currently in the atmosphere.
  • To make your event a success, we offer modern and excellent sound systems, intelligent lighting, video projection, special effects, and we also have the participation of excellent DJ's and entertainers in show business.